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Universities in Finland are at present posting highly varying demands for admission for IB diploma holders in comparison to Finnish national diploma holders.

An example case is Itä-Suomen Yliopisto, which at present does not allow applications to choose which IB diploma subjects they wish to include in the evaluation of their basis points for entrance examinations. In comparison, Finnish matriculation diploma holders are able to choose two from a maximum of twelve subjects, the only compulsory ones included being their grades in mathematics and their first language studies in either Finnish or Swedish.

Additionally, where the subjects included in the matriculation diploma are evaluated individually, many universities are currently using formulae to determine basis points on the basis of the whole IB diploma, including six subjects and the core points. For example, one method of evaluation provides full basis points for achieving four grades of Laudatur, a grade equivalent to a 7 in an IB subject. For an IB diploma candidate to obtain the same basis points, six scores of 7 and full three core points would be required. We see this as discriminatory practice towards IB Diploma holders, who should have equal access to national tertiary education.

FIBS is currently in the process of organizing meetings with university staff and relevant offices to resolve the situation. Additionally, we will be publishing a report stating the universities’ entrance requirements in various faculties and hopefully attaining progress in resolving some of the issues we find during the investigation.

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