IB Cruise 2016!

It’s what you all have been waiting for!
The IB Cruise!

This year the two-night cruise will depart from Helsinki Olympia Terminal on the 9th of October, at 5:00 pm for Stockholm, where you will spend the day, and go back to Helsinki arriving on the 11th of October.

The cruise is open to all current IB1 and IB2 students across Finland (as well as European Baccalaureate students from ESH). As per usual, bus transportation will be available from designated schools that you can select when purchasing tickets.

The IB cruise is a great experience where you will not only have the chance to meet IB students from all over Finland, but you will also have tons of fun!

IMPORTANT: As per Silja Line regulations, for every group of ten under-18 year old students, one 25+ year old supervisor is required. Students attending the cruise should try to find supervisors, FIBS will only be able to provide a very minimum amount.

Once you have found a supervisor please have them fill in this form, email it to FIBS, print it and bring it with to the cruise:

Eng version:

Each under 18yr old must also fill this form out, print it and bring it with to the cruise:

Eng version:

Each group’s surpervisor must email FIBS with their details and supervisor form attached as soon as possible to obtain their tickets.
Emails should be sent to fibs@lukio.fi

Price wise, the best option is to form groups of four students to share a cabin with, as prices for groups of less than four will be noticeably more expensive. All ticket purchases are to be made through Matkapojat OY:

Prices on the website are for per person, the easiest way to pay is if one person from each cabin to pay the whole sum for 1-4 people and the rest in that cabin pay them back.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the cruise, don’t hesitate to contact us through either our Facebook page, or email.

Hope to see you all on the cruise!

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