In each and every one of our events, we aim to combine educational benefit and entertainment. FIBS events, wherever they take place, offer useful, relative and fun programme and a chance to get to know new, likeminded people.

Events are also the backbone of our funding, providing us with the financial resources to oversee students’ rights and remain active. Events hosted by us include the IB Cruise, an annual seminar cruise that educates attendees about Theory of Knowledge and CAS, the Pre-DP Meeting, a weekend providing beginning IB students with vital knowledge about the choices they face in the future and the upcoming pilot event Think Ahead Seminar, aiming to educate soon-to-graduate students about their possibilities regarding studying abroad.

Unlike the other events, the Think Ahead Seminar will also be open to non-IB-students, and we aim to provide impartial information on applying, options and the student life in various countries around the world. There will be inspirational talks from students and graduates, who actually have taken the leap and studied in top universities around the world, and on top of that a comprehensive information package about the practicalities of applying and studying.

For more information concerning upcoming events, please visit the following links.

Upcoming events
General Meeting 2016 - 03 December 2016
Get yourselves ready - 21 November 2016
Two weeks to go! - 25 September 2016
IB Cruise 2016! - 20 August 2016
GTFO Finland Seminar - 14 August 2016