Emilia Sipilä and the University of Westminster

Finnish IB alumna Emilia Sipilä shares her experience of studying in London at the University of Westminster. 


I’ve come from a particularly international background, living abroad most of my life. However the last 12 years I have spent in Finland in English speaking schools. I went to the IB in Ressu and from there applied to study in London.

I applied to the University of Westminster based on the ranking for my course, which is a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations. This is a course, which isn’t offered in Finnish Universities. Journalism and Mass Communication at Westminster has been ranked the second best in the UK and 19th in the world according to QS Worldwide University Rankings. English Universitites offer many more courses than Finnish Universities, making it easier to choose more specific subjects to study. More than 10,000 international students arrive to London each year to study, and the city is one of the best in the world to study business, law, international development and newer media subjects.

I chose to study in London based on its versatility, multiculturalism and the opportunities it offers. The city is full of interesting people, incredible sights and things to do. During my course we are encouraged to apply for internships. As the city is so big, the chances for receiving an internship are much more likely.

The University of Westminster Students Union offers also a variety of sports and societies. I’ve played basketball for the past ten years in Finland, so I was extremely excited to hear that the University also had a competitive team. I’m in my second year of my studies and I am still a part of the team. Joining a sport or society at University is a great way to make friends and to keep busy.

The Finnish community in London is quite big as well. ISO RY (Iso-Britannian Suomalaiset Opiskelijat RY) organizes different events for students, like pub-crawls and Joulumarkkinat (in association with the Suomalainen Merimieskirkko). I never really feel homesick, as I have found so many Finns around London. Flying back home is also convenient: most of the time flights are under 200 euros for a return


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