Cockade order directions – 2013 graduates

Dear FIBS members in classes of 2013,

After a long wait, we are finally proud to announce that all background negotiations are finished and that the official licensed IB cockades are available in bulk from our partners at C.L. Seifert A/S. In order to make an order, download either one of the forms listed below, fill it out with the required information, follow the simple instructions at the bottom of the form and you’re done.

We have set no deadline for orders as the products are available year round, but just to make sure, place your order well before any scheduled graduation ceremony to ensure receipt of the cockades prior to the event. As usual, the as soon as possible-approach works best.

Bulk orders of graduation hats are not at the moment possible through us, however, if you wish to order a hat to go with your cockade, you may do so at the C.L. Seifert web shop or if there are numerous orderers, C.L. Seifert might set up a bulk order for you directly through them.


In order to download a form, please follow one of the links below:

Order list [PDF, non-editable for hand-filling]

Order list [docx, editable for digital filling]

For customer service contact details, please visit


We at FIBS wish you the best of luck with the final assignments and May exams! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at hallitus [at]

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