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FIBS offers a multitude of ways to benefit your local or the national IB student community and earn some CAS hours out of the valuable work you are doing. The board accepts new members once per year in our autumn general assembly and on occasions where a separate general assembly is required for some other reason. These assemblies are public and any one of our members can join and apply for a seat in the board.

However, joining our actives network is very easy – just get in touch with us by e-mail at fibs [at]! After this, we know you’re interested so we will inform you of any opportunities to contribute, and even better, we are also open to proposals from your part.

You will be able to find us on facebook and instagram by searching Fibs Ry!

What would you like to see happen and where? Drop us a note and help us make it happen!

2 comments on “Active membership
  1. Daoud Azimi says:

    To whom it may concern

    I wish to inquire as to the possibility and procedure of getting educational institutes from developing nations registered on to your panel so that they may be standardized and equipped to offer the IB to the general student population.

    • Fibs says:

      Thank you for approaching us with your concern! FIBS is a student lead organization that strives to protect and enforce the rights of IB students in Finland, and unfortunately it is not in our field of expertise to give you guidelines in the problem you have presented to us. However, we do know where you can get help! Visit the website,, for guidelines and the contact information of the professionals on this matter. We hope you are able to find a solution to your inquiry from there!

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