FIBS or the Finnish International Baccalaureate Society organisation is Finland’s IB schools’ own student organisation. It serves as a joint organisation for both IB students and IB graduates in Finland. FIBS’s duties are to advance IB diploma’s familiarisation in Finland, ease the IB graduates’ way into tertiary education in Finland, keep contact with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), oversee IB diploma students’ and graduates’ rights in general and to provide them with activities and services.

Anyone who is studying in the IB or the preparative pre-diploma year can become a FIBS student member. As FIBS is a part of Suomen Lukiolaisten Liitto nowadays, to become a member one must sign up on their site. Membership costs 25€, but in addition to the advantages of the FIBS membership, students also benefit from the SLL card’s discounts. For more information on said discounts, make sure to visit the SLL site at When the student member graduates or otherwise ends their studies in the IB programme, they are deemed sundered from the organisation during the same membership period. Anyone who has graduated from a Finnish IB school can apply for a senior membership of FIBS. In addition, by unanimous vote, the organisation’s board can elect honorary members.

FIBS’s board consists of active IB students and/or senior members (i.e. already graduated students) chosen by the general assembly. Currently, FIBS’s board consists of a chairman, vice-chairman, six members and one deputy. FIBS also has a board of representatives that takes care of the local communication between the members and the board. Every IB school appoint their own representatives from amongst the students.
FIBS organises varying events for the IB students. The most valued of these are the annual Think Ahead Seminar and the Pre-DP meeting.

Furthermore, FIBS also produces IB badges for the IB students’ white caps (graduation hats) to replace the traditional Lyre badge, which the IB Diploma graduates are technically not entitled to wear.

Minutes from past board meetings
General Meeting 2016
Board of 2014
Board Meeting 1.3.2013
Board Meeting 10.2.2013